5720h, 99%m, 100%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-   (-15m, 0.3%)
You drop a floating tapestry of pristine vellum.
5720h, 99%m, 100%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-   (-15m, 0.3%)
Shadows upon its surface falling inexplicably dark, the tapestry remains unmoving for but a brief 
moment, as a whorl of activity suddenly surges across its vellum expanse.
5720h, 98%m, 100%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-   (-45m, 0.9%)
Shifting sable blots itself unto formless shapes and fingers, before settling into the visage of an 
open cave. A sprawling vista spans out among a monochrome depiction of a great field of wastes, 
strewn with bodies.
5720h, 97%m, 100%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-  
Atop the bodies lies the image of a scythed figure fighting a peculiar, amorphous creature, the 
reaper-esque stature still against the contorted shape of the fanged monstrosity.
5720h, 97%m, 100%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-  
Grisly claw and scythe meet in a flash, and the tapestry fades unto black. A grey haze subsumes all, 
the image of the same wastes moving in quickened time, bodies piling and clearing, both of the 
scythed figures and the bestial creatures.
5720h, 96%m, 100%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-   (-15m, 0.3%)
Suddenly, the grey haze clears unto a blinding, almost painful light as the cracks in the setting of 
the wastes yields unto a terrible, wyrm's outline.
5720h, 96%m, 100%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-  
On does the outline writhe above the grey wastes below, sable spires of towering fortresses 
crumbling beneath the mandibled creature's incredible might.
5720h, 96%m, 100%e, 99%w +bdckmhS EX-   (-15m, 0.3%)
The sanctuary of the looming dark shatters into sharp angles, protrusions embedding themselves into 
the fanged creatures, as the scythed silhouettes huddle behind the ruins of their bulwark.
5720h, 96%m, 100%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-   (-15m, 0.3%)
The shadows encompass the vista for a moment, vaguely resembling the shape of a cave as they 
splinter and fragment into hundreds of pieces, falling unto themselves in a rancorous tumble.
5720h, 95%m, 99%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-   (-15m, 0.3%)
A tempestuous storm of sable whorls overtakes the image, revealing a pair of strangely familiar eyes,
as the shape shifts to allow a second pair beside - of a multi-pupilled, predatory glint. The eyes 
stare into each other, then close, as scythe and claw overlap to cross.
5720h, 95%m, 100%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-   (-15m, 0.3%)
Falling once more into stark blackness, a cursive script flows across the tapestry, churning upon 
itself until it becomes legible.
5720h, 95%m, 100%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-   (-30m, 0.6%)
Squirming and shifting into an incomprehensible garble, the text upon tapestry settles into 
discernible clarity once more.
5720h, 93%m, 100%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-   (-75m, 1.4%)
You read what is written on a floating tapestry of pristine vellum:

     So comes Tezlari. So comes death.
And we must live, as children of the dark,

5720h, 92%m, 100%e, 100%w +bdckmhS EX-