Sometimes, people play phonetolia. It's not pretty. But we can make it at
least semi-functional. Here's some quick and dirty steps for setting up a
simple, most basic offense for group fights on phonetolia.

***NOTE: This is for blowtorch. You can use the same principles in some other
app, but will probably need to adapt it.

Make a new trigger, with the pattern:
  ^(Web): .+ says, "Target: (.+)."$
Make sure the box labeled 'Interpret as literal' is NOT CHECKED.
Add a new responder, of ACK type, and make it do:
  tar $1

Now, go to your main input and send these commands to the game:
  setalias tar settarget targ $0
  setalias k qeb kill &targ

All set! Now you just follow the leader and then keep hitting k when the
fighting starts. Replace 'kill' in that second command with some other attack,
if you want to.