API Access

Hi! We have an API for pasting too! You just need a client that's capable of making POST requests with multipart/form-data encoding.

The following parameters are available:
authstring This is a token that you need to supply with each request, you can get a token from the little box below. Required
contentstring This is the actual content of your paste. It's the same thing you'd paste in big white box on the site. Required
formatstring This is the format of your paste. Supported values are 'plain' and 'html'. Required
titlestring This is the title of your paste. A title above 50 characters is silently truncated. Optional
tagsstring Tags help classify your paste and allow people to search for them. You can supply multiple tags separated by space here. Tags longer than 15 characters are silently truncated. Non-alphanumeric characters are silently stripped. Duplicate tags are dropped. A maximum of 15 tags are accepted. Optional

The POST request should be made to this URL:


We support pasting from ShareX too! Clickey for importable HTML and Plain paste settings!